• Felicia Miracle Cipolla

I am woman

What do you see when you look at me ?

Do you see a woman ?

A girl?

A wife ?

A womb ?

A simple pleasure ?

You want to see me ?

Venture outside and look up at the sky & trees, as they tower above you, reminding you of your smallness

You want to feel me ?

Reach the ocean and bathe in it’s depths, as it washes away any Idea of temporary gain

You want to know me ?

Explore the forest floor with your bare feet

Travel to every corner of the earth and visit every land, to dispel the myth of separation

Take this journey and you will discover the secret of all secrets... that there is only ONE

One truth, one body, one breathe,

one heart, one mind, one soul

Only once you complete these tasks, will you ever truly know me.

I am your mother, your sister and your daughter

I am your father, your brother and your son

I am both your teacher and student

I am the seer and the seen

My greatest offense is your greatest failure

Your greatest victory, is my highest achievement

I am you

I am me

I am woman

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