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It's Official! She Has Started a Blog! Let the sharing and possibly oversharing begin!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Hello beautiful beings, creative creatures, lights of love, truth-seekers, divine dolls! My name is Felicia Miracle Cipolla. I am a spiritual explorer. Nothing fascinates me more than our interconnectedness to one another and our connection to the ultimate, intelligent energy that is called God, the Universe, Buddha, Allah etc. I call it spirit, mainly because “God” has too many connotations of an anthropomorphic white man in the sky for me. There are over 4200 different faiths across this planet and I don’t belong to any of them, however I’ve been introduced to several and studied a few. I consider myself spiritual and ascribe to the belief that there are many paths and One truth. Ultimately, we all want the same thing, peace, joy & security for ourselves and our loved ones, both in this physical realm and beyond. My path to the realization of this truth has culminated as dedication to a daily yoga practice. When I say yoga, I don’t just mean the physical practices, the asanas. Asanas make up only one part of yoga. They were designed to prepare the physical bodies of yogis and yoginis to sit unencumbered in meditation for hours at a time. Meditation is another one of the arms of yoga, used to attain the ultimate goal of yoga, to transcend your mind and become one with spirit. This is where the real yoga begins. Yes I am a yogini. No this is not another blog trying to convince you to become a yogi yourself. Although the practice has undoubtedly transformed my life, in mind, body and spirit, my calling is to lead by example rather than by knowledge alone. My purpose of existence is to benefit others. I am here to share my experiences and thoughts with you. I am here to connect.

The name of this blog, “Miracle’s Musings”, came to me years ago as a youtube channel idea, but the direction of it wasn’t clear to me. One thing I’ve learned and accepted over the years is that you can't rush divine inspiration and I typically don’t act on major decisions until the signs are unmistakably clear. In addition to my lack of clarity at the time, I’m also a relatively private person and I didn’t know what I would talk about on the channel. The name seemed really catchy so I stowed it away in my mental archives for usage at a later date. Yes, this is my actual birth name. I recently asked my mom how she and my dad chose my middle name, Miracle, and she basically said “because I liked the way Felicia-Miracle sounded together”. I was slightly disappointed that this wasn’t the earth-shattering anecdote I was expecting, nonetheless, I’m grateful for such a unique name. In meditation on Monday, May 4, 2020, the idea to create this youtube channel solidified in my consciousness. The subject of my first few videos also came to me. Negative self-talk prevented me from starting the channel. You're not funny enough. You're an expert of none. etc. Then one morning, after a beautiful dream starring Anthony Bourdain, I woke up with the strongest urge to write that I've ever experienced. So here I am, without any expectations. If I only get one reader but that one person gets one grain of peace or insight, I will be content.

I’m not selling anything. I am slanging peace...and it’s for free. The ideas I am bringing forth here, aren’t new or novel. I read a lot and follow the teachings of spiritual leaders, namely Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, based in Los Angeles, CA. These articles represent the compilation of knowledge that I've received from numerous talks, books, conversations, spontaneous moments of insight and my life experiences as a whole. Via intuition, or divine inspiration as I like to call it, I’ve received and downloaded these instructions from spirit. The knowledge has been uniquely synthesized, through me. It’s all from the source of ALL knowledge, spirit. I don’t claim ownership to any of these ideas. I’m simply doing my job and fulfilling my duty as a spiritual messenger. These posts aren't for me. They are for you. They are for humanity. They are for every living thing, plant, animal and other. They are for this planet and all planets. They are for that which is beyond our knowledge of physical existence in this universe. They simply are.

I wholeheartedly accept that there’s far more that I don’t know than that which I know. My only request of you is that you remain respectful in your comments below. May these posts make you think, make you smile, make you cry and make you inspired. May they make you FEEL. The more we can lead with our hearts, the closer we will be to one another and to the collective One.

My favorite spiritual analogy is that if spirit or god is the ocean, the soul of each living thing is a drop of water in that ocean. It's impossible to separate the individual drops. They are all part of whole and the whole is part of everyone of them. I can't trace my introduction of this, but I may have read it in one of Rev. Michael's books and it may have been from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. originally. Although is anything actually "original"? That is an article topic on it's own. I digress. Where was I? Ah yes...I’m a simple woman. I’m sure all of my exes and wanna be exes would vehemently disagree with me here. However it’s true! At minimum, I aspire to simplicity. Simplicity in dress, communication, my living space etc. In such a complex world, what I crave above all else is simplicity.

In the spirit of simplicity, I leave you now, as I always will...vibrating peace, love, bliss and blessings. Namaste.

P.S. I may create a Youtube channel, in conjunction with my blog. For now, I’m enjoying writing more than I imagined I would, so these written musings are my current offering to you.

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