• Felicia Miracle Cipolla

To Be Cool or To Love? That is the Question

In this modern age, how do we reconcile trying to “be cool” and loving authentically. So often, I hear other millennials express a fear of not wanting to look too “thirsty” or eager, not only in romantic relationships but also in friendships and even familial relationships. This idea is often perpetuated in pop culture, especially music. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Leaving messages left unread. Seeing a text notification or call but waiting for an arbitrary amount of time to respond. Not calling or texting someone when you’re thinking about them. Not saying EXACTLY what you’re thinking or feeling, in an effort to “play it safe”. Where does the fear of looking too eager come from? From nowhere other than the ego. Ultimately, we’re all afraid of being rejected and what better way to avoid rejection than to engage in rejection. When we hide our affection and emotions, are we not rejecting our true selves? In an effort to avoid rejection, we end up rejecting ourselves by invalidating our true feelings, all in an effort to not look too “thirsty”. How do we reconcile this? Be true! Be authentic! Be honest about how you feel and #EXPRESSYOURSELF. Relationships which are built on a foundation of façade are destined to falter, once the true you surfaces. Let us remember that there are limitless possibilities of connection. There are 7 billion people on this planet. Anyone who’s meant to be in your life, won’t be turned off or scared away. These are the people you want in your corner. These are the people that you want on your team. These are the people that are meant to bring you closer to your true nature as soul or spirit. These are the people who will help you grow into, or rather uncover who you are, beneath your outer identity. So be thirsty my friends! Drink from the waters of love! Wouldn’t you rather hydrate in the waters of love than shrivel in the desolate desert of your ego?

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